What causes driving stress

Being stressed out when driving is common and it happens to anyone who gets behind a steering wheel. While most people consider driving a normal part of the daily activities, the simple processes that occur along the roads can be very hard to cope with. Stress reduces the efficiency in driving and may lead to potentially fatal accidents. It is unlikely that full-blown stress will suddenly affect a driver and cause him to drive insanely. Usually, it is an accumulation of the little things that happen from when you get in the car to when you arrive at your destination that have the biggest effect.

The causes of driving stress are vast and they can combine and cause significant changes in driver behavior. With the increase in the numbers of people driving, congestion is inevitable. Those who leave the suburbs every morning during the rush hour are especially affected. Finding yourself stuck in a seemingly endless traffic jam can cause high levels of stress. The only kind of driving that is possible in this circumstance is usually an endless cycle of starting and stopping. This can have very negative effect especially when trying to get to work or school. It is also nerve-racking to find traffic already accumulated and you are seemingly the last in the road. In many of these, there are no alternative routes.

Other road users can also accelerate driving stress. It is common to find aggressive drivers who are looking for every opportunity to overtake even when there is clearly no opportunity. Impatient road users will honk repeatedly even when everyone is driving within the regulations. This can result in undue pressure and cause unnecessary mistakes on the road. Road users who are verbally abusive are also popular especially when the traffic is heavy. It is not only offensive to listen but it can put one on edge. There are those who wheel not follow the requirements of driving such as signaling and may cause confusion on the road.

Traffic rules and regulations can be a source of frustration especially when they seem unnecessary. Restrictions on speed are put up on signs and required to be followed even when the roads are clear. Road works that disrupt the natural routine and rhythm become a nuisance and adversely affect the emotional wellbeing of drivers who thrive on routines. The fear of committing traffic violations can also be a source of driving stress. This is especially heightened by the presence of patrol officers who inspire self-consciousness for all drivers.

Unexpected situations are bound to arise eventually on a road. Often, this will require the driver to react quickly to prevent any accident. Unfortunately, such a simple incident will carry on through the rest of the drive and cause unnecessary tension. Drivers behind may also feel that one is perhaps not doing the best and create pressure to speed up by driving too close behind. This will force the driver to comply because of the fear. The frustrations that can cause driving stress are almost limitless. It is important to find ways to reduce this tension in order to enjoy a safer journey. Keep up to date with all the motoring news on cars and more on www.everythingmotoring.com and when it comes time to get your next used cars in NI it is the online destination of choice.

5 signs of Driving Stress

When it comes to driving, many people experience stressful situations which go un-resolved and later accumulate to something worse that it is supposed to be. Below we discuss 5 signs of driving stress that are commonly experienced by drivers of all ages…

Searching for Something Constantly

Are you always looking for your phone, car keys, documents, wallet just before you walk out of your door and drive off somewhere such as; to work or from work? If you seem to have misplaced something and have to search for it as you are about to drive off, you are experiencing driving stress.

Cortisol is a hormone that is released in your body in instances where you are highly stressed. The hormone damages your brain over time and this makes you experience memory problems. Other than that, when you are stressed out due to driving, your thoughts are all over the place and this lack of focus affects your driving.

Constant Infuriation of the Tiniest of Things

Stress is an act that makes many people grumpy, unhappy and very moody. You are prone to become extremely angry over tiny mistakes done by others and you become irritated by anything in your car or outside the car as you drive.

When stressed and driving, your mind becomes extremely overloaded in a way that you do not have any fibre in you to logically and calmly process information and situations. This means that you have zero patience with any driving related irregularities and mistakes.

Waking Up Every Single Day Feeling Tired

It’s an awful thing to wake up every day and growing tired the instant you remember that you have to drive out. Driving stress can cause you to suffer from morning fatigue and this makes you extremely groggy or tired when you are on the wheel driving.

Constant Headaches

Hardly a day goes by without experiencing terrible headaches when you are on the driver’s seat. The feeling tightens you up and a sharp pain develops from one side of your head shooting all the way to the back of your neck.

These are known as tension headaches which are a common phenomenon with drivers. Due to the road rage, interruptions and mistakes experienced everyday on the road, a part of your body experiences muscular contraction, and whenever you are on the wheel you experience headaches or muscles spasms.

Unhappiness Feeling

It is rather unfortunate that driving stress causes a roller coaster of emotions, there are instances that you will get in the car and you will instantly experience an unhappy mood, you become gloomy and not even music from the car radio or jokes from one of your passengers will cheer you up.

The feeling is too overbearing that you can’t resist the urge to shout and scream to other drivers you come across. Such feelings will in some instances make you look for trouble just that you can vent out and relieve stress that might have become too much to bear.

NB: There you have it, 5 of the major signs that prove that your stress is related to driving. If you are experiencing one or more of the signs mentioned about, its time you acted on them. Find Gumtree cars in Derry for sale.